As a recognised distributor of V-Deck, Itero is excited to be bringing this innovative product to the Australian Market. A strong and stable, temporary underdeck work platform this product is an alternative to traditional suspended scaffolding.

What is V-Deck?

V-Deck is a strong, light weight, modular engineered suspended temporary work platform which has been designed to provide a robust access system in challenging areas to suit a wide range of industrial solutions.

V-Deck is best suited to jetties, bridges, under-deck structures, conveyors, pipe-racks, industrial plant, helidecks, internal storage tanks and or any area that is difficult to access that traditionally utilised suspended scaffolding or extensive ground-based scaffolding to provide access.

As an Australian distributor of V-Deck™, Itero Australia will provide the following services to support Australian and NZ operators and service providers:

  • Training both on and off-site.
  • Supply of rope access V-Deck™ installers to your projects (with desired trade qualifications if required).
  • Engineering design to suit your structure/project.
  • Troubleshooting/technical support.
  • Direct onsite support for project kick off if required.

Engineering & Design

V-Deck™ can be designed in two ways:

  • A traditional full encapsulated platform that can be installed in a faster and more cost-effective manner.
  • Alternatively, V-Deck™ can be installed as a “tertiary/temporary” access system where minimal decks can be installed at the specific task location to allow access operators to conduct the works whilst standing on the platform and maintaining 100% attachment. Due to the minimalistic nature of the tertiary system, it is incredibly time and cost effective to install whilst improving rope access safety as there are many tasks in the access industry that are not ergonomically viable or can be unsafe to conduct whilst suspended on ropes.

Working closely with the manufacturer, Itero can provide high-quality engineering and design services to our customers.

Installation & Training

Itero are fully certified installers of V-Deck. Alternatively, they are also fully certified to train and certify your personnel so they can install V-Deck™ safely and efficiently themselves.

Itero currently has a training V-Deck™ system installed at their facility in Osborne Park.

V-Deck As Used in Our Projects


Conveyor Access & Remediation

Location: Geraldton, WA

What We Did: Our client required concrete repair and corrosion remediation on the underside of site conveyors. These structures had significant weight restrictions and spanned over high traffic areas. Itero designed and installed a V-Deck…

Enviro Infastructure

Dolphin Access Platform

Location: Fremantle Port, WA

What We Did: Itero was engaged to install a working platform underneath a dolphin access platform. Itero designed and installed 106sqm V-Deck system to enable the remediation of the structure. Itero was later asked to modify the system…

As a recognised distributor of V-Deck and with stock ready to go, Itero is your point of contact for all sales within Australia & New Zealand.