Our Access Methods

Itero is committed to educating clients on the advantages and disadvantages of each system available in order to encourage higher safety standards and improve cost and time efficiency within the industry.  

Our Specialities


V-Deck is a modular engineered suspended temporary work platform that offers a sturdy and lightweight access system in challenging areas.

It is designed to accommodate a variety of industrial solutions and is particularly suitable for jetties, bridges, under-deck structures, conveyors, pipe-racks, industrial plants, helidecks, internal storage tanks, and similar hard-to-reach areas that typically require suspended or ground-based scaffolding.

Rope Access

Rope Access is one of Itero’s strongest skill sets. The technical versatility, adaptability and very high safety track record of rope access is becoming more widely utilised every day across all industries. Even if we are performing non rope access work the vast majority of Itero’s personnel are fully IRATA trained and certified industrial rope access technicians. Our trade qualified, multi skilled, rope access technicians allows our team maximum adaptability to mange any ‘live’ challenges that may arise in our projects, providing our clients and their assets with the highest level of safety, quality, reliability and adaptability.

Our Specialities


Itero provides end-to-end scaffolding services including design, delivery, installation and removal, all managed within our strict quality and safety systems. We employ the highest quality scaffolding equipment and rely on our experience across a diverse range of sites to ensure your project is delivered safely, promptly and cost-effectively. From high-rise building maintenance through to complex, industrial projects, we offer high-quality, light-weight Layher scaffold systems as well as heavy-duty systems for a range of applications.

Custom Height Access Systems

Itero offers rigging and specialised lifting solutions for complex commercial projects of any size. We design and install fully customised solutions which can be supported by our rope access operations as required. We also provide teams of fully qualified and experienced rigging technicians and dogmen to seamlessly complete all manner of high-risk work scopes. We employ the highest quality equipment and rigorously inspect all equipment prior to installation ensuring safe and efficient completion of every project.

Swing Stage Platforms

We offer customised swing stage platform solutions to enable streamlined and efficient completion of high-rise maintenance tasks. Exceeding the most stringent safety standards, our swing stage platforms can deliver considerable cost-saving benefits by reducing the time involved to complete work at varying heights. Itero offers design, installation and operation of swing stage platforms as a stand-alone service or as part of our holistic access capabilities for projects of all sizes.

EWP's & BMU's

BMU’s (building maintenance units) and EWP’s (elevated work platforms) allow for lateral, horizontal and vertical movement, considerably reducing the time involved to access all surfaces of a structure and therefore delivering significant cost savings. Itero operators are highly skilled in the use of these access systems and matching the right product to the work requirements. We’re also experienced in supplying access alternatives to combat the limitations of these devices. From one-off, low-level projects through to long-term, high-rise work scopes, we can operate, manage and maintain the highest quality access systems to suit your facility and work scope. 

Our Accreditations