Our Difference

We use unique methods, encourage high-level training, and use world-class standard safety and operational systems. All of our team are hand picked and put through a training scheme, tailored to each individual, to ensure that they meet the highest standard.

Unique Access Methods

Whilst our expertise is rope access, our experienced technicians are qualified in multiple access methods, offering support and technical capability around V-Deck, V-Net, scaffolding, rigging, mast climbing scaffolds, elevated work platforms (EWP’s), swing stage platforms, building maintenance units (BMU’s) and advanced working at heights. Our diverse skill set offers you maximum flexibility and enables us to help you deliver complex projects on time and on budget.

The Safer Choice

The nature of the work we perform naturally looks high-risk to the untrained eye. Due to the technical nature of our work, our staff are put through a very high level of training and are governed by a comprehensive system of work that has been specifically developed to combat the risks associated with our high access works. Combine this with our operational systems and processes along with a team of highly experienced industry experts from the management team down to our newest team members. The result; Itero has had zero lost time injuries since the business started in 2017, an outstanding feat whilst conducting any works let alone high-risk works in difficult to reach places.

The Greener Choice

In order for companies to achieve their respective emissions reduction targets, the industry as a whole needs to be thinking of new ways to complete the same tasks that have been conducted over the years and find an alternative approach that reduces the project’s emissions. Itero has commenced a study which assesses the carbon emissions of various methods of access when completing projects complicated by height. This comprehensive study will be completed in the coming months however early indications show a significant reduction in emissions that are conducted via alternative access methods such as rope access & customised decking systems when compared against more standardised access methods such as EWP’s and traditional scaffolding.

Our Expert Staff

Strategically, Itero have assembled a team of highly experienced and technically diverse personnel to ensure projects are completed safely, efficiently and to the highest standard. Management actively support our supervisors and entire project team to perform to the Itero standard by equipping them with the latest equipment, and efficient systems and processes, but also providing them with the right mentoring, training, values and accountability needed to make sensible decisions and adapt when project challenges arise.

The brand mark symbolises and reinforces the meaning of Itero, (Latin meaning to renew or re-life). The Mobius strip is continuous and never-ending, which reflects the lifecycle of the assets rectified. We have also adopted the slogan, ‘Reassuringly Sensible.’, a statement that we feel truly sets us apart, and is an honest reflection of what Itero’s clients can expect. 

Patrick McCormack