Melchor Access Buyout – Rebrands to become ‘ITERO’

Published 25th March, 2022

High-profile, high-risk project work and asset remediation specialist, Melchor Access, has been bought out by founding director, Patrick McCormack, relaunching as ITERO Australia.

Melchor Access was established in 2017 as a division of Melchor Group, rapidly growing to become one of WA’s leading industry operators. Both founding directors, Shane Jones and Patrick, felt that the specialist division was being somewhat diluted as the broader business grew predominantly in the construction sector and that the buyout was an opportunity to refocus on asset remediation and maintenance across multiple industries.

‘ITERO’ itself is derived from Latin, meaning – to do a second time, repeat, renew, re-life. It is the perfect fit for the business, as they focus on bringing difficult to access assets back to life with timely and cost-effective strategies, for projects ranging from minor maintenance works, to assessing and completing large projects from start to finish.

The brandmark symbolises and reinforces the meaning of ITERO. The mobius strip is continuous and never-ending, which reflects the lifecycle of the assets remediated.

The new business has also adopted the slogan, ‘Reassuringly Sensible.’, a statement that Patrick feels truly sets them apart, and an honest reflection of what ITERO’s clients can expect.

With the age, and aging, of many significant Australian assets there is a real and growing demand for highly skilled remediation contractors who can combat complex challenges that arise when access is complicated by height or confined space. ITERO has strategically assembled a team of highly experienced and technically diverse personnel, along with specialised tooling and equipment which consistently results in safe, high-quality workmanship.

Whilst ITERO will continue to provide the same services as Melchor Access to commercial, industrial and resource sectors such as rope access trade technicians, advanced rigging, scaffolding, suspended platform systems and other access methods, the injection of unique skill sets will deliver an incomparable approach to asset remediation projects and maintenance across the state.